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These game saves can be downloaded to your VMU using your Dreamcast. You must have the specified amount of free blocks to save a file. If you would like to submit a game save that is not already here, attach it to an e-mail using the Planetweb Browser 2.0+ and send it to me at


4 Wheel Thunder: All cars, upgrades, and tracks. (16 Blocks)
4x4 Evolution: Great cars and $70,000. (30 Blocks)
18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker: All secrets. (5 Blocks)
102 Dalmations: Game completed with all secrets. (3 Blocks)
Aero Wings: All planes and all levels completed. (15 Blocks)
Aero Wings 2: Air Strike: All planes available. (8 Blocks)
Air Force Delta: All planes and extras unlocked. (6 Blocks)
Bang! Gunship Elite: Progress up to level 4. (3 Blocks)
Blue Stinger: Maximum cash, guns, and ammo. (4 Blocks)
Bust A Move 4: Game completed. (15 Blocks)
Caesar's Palace 2000: Maximum money. (12 Blocks)
Cannon Spike: Game completed and secrets unlocked. (8 Blocks)
Carrier: All weapons, ammo, and at last area. (32 Blocks)
Centipede: All levels and 1,028 lives. (16 Blocks)
ChuChu Rocket: All puzzles completed/new characters. (3 Blocks)
Crazy Taxi: Crazy box completed and earned bike. (23 Blocks)
D2: Last level with maxinum ammo and health. (5 Blocks)
Daytona USA: All cars available. (24 Blocks)
Dead or Alive 2: Naked Kasumi intro and 255 age. (7 Blocks)
Deep Fighter: Saved before second boss. (4 Blocks)
Demolition Racer: No Exit: Everything unlocked. (8 Blocks)
Disney World Magical Racing Tour: Game complete. (5 Blocks)
Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm: Last level with max spells. (20 Blocks)
Dynamite Cop: All missions completed. (2 Blocks)
Dynamite Cop: Super detenator pack upgrade. (3 Blocks)
Ecco The Dolphin: DOTF: Game completed. (2 Blocks)
ECW: Hardcore Revolution: Everything unlocked. (23 Blocks)
EGG: Elemental Gimmick Gear: Saved before final boss. (6 Blocks)
ESPN International Track and Field: All events unlocked. (11 Blocks)
Evolution: Game completed and at start of plus game. (8 Blocks)
Evolution 2: Game completed with max stats. (10 Blocks)
Expendable: Last level with super power item. (2 Blocks)
F355 Challenge All tracks available. (39 Blocks)
Fighting Force 2: At Polar Base with five continues. (8 Blocks)
Flag to Flag: All secrets unlocked. (12 Blocks)
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge: Game completed. (7 Blocks)
Fur Fighters: Saved before boss of game. (51 Blocks)
Gauntlet Legends: Red minotaur at level 20. (3 Blocks)
Giga Wing: All secrets unlocked. (12 Blocks)
Grand Theft Auto 2: Game completed. (94 Blocks)
Grandia 2: All spells, skills, items, and level 99. (9 Blocks)
Gundam Side Story 0079: All secrets unlocked. (6 Blocks)
Hidden and Dangerous: All missions completed. (11 Blocks)
House of the Dead 2: Game completed, all items. (7 Blocks)
Hydro Thunder: All boats and tracks unlocked. (8 Blocks)
Incoming: Saved at third mission. (6 Blocks)
Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage: Game completed. (7 Blocks)
Jet Grind Radio: All levels, graffiti souls, and Pots. (4 Blocks)
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Everything unlocked. (4 Blocks)
KISS Psycho Circus: TNC: All weapons for Star Child. (3 Blocks)
KOF Dream Match '99: Meter at MAX, all char. points. (7 Blocks)
Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver: Game completed. (50 Blocks)
MagForce Racing: A few cars and seven tracks. (19 Blocks)
Maken X: Saved at last level. (10 Blocks)
Marvel vs Capcom: All characters. (5 Blocks)
Marvel vs Capcom 2: All characters and colors. (5 Blocks)
MDK2: Obtained all checkpoints. (12 Blocks)
Mortal Kombat Gold: All secrets unlocked. (5 Blocks)
MTV Sports: Skateboarding: All skaters and courses. (22 Blocks)
NBA 2K: Updated rosters for 2000-2001 season. (198 Blocks)
NBA 2K: Infinate creation points and parts. (3 Blocks)
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC: All players unlocked. (17 Blocks)
NFL 2K: Updated rosters for 1999 season. (191 Blocks)
NFL 2K1: Updated rosters from October 10, 2000. (10 Blocks)
NHL 2K: Updated rosters from October 10, 2000. (12 Blocks)
Nightmare Creatures II: Saved before final boss. (29 Blocks)
Omikron: The Nomad Soul: Saved before final boss. (73 Blocks)
Plasma Sword: All characters unlocked. (6 Blocks)
Power Stone: All characters and secrets unlocked. (4 Blocks)
Power Stone 2: All characters, stages, and items. (6 Blocks)
Psychic Force 2012: All secrets unlocked. (9 Blocks)
Quake III Arena: Saved before final boss of game. (25 Blocks)
Railroad Tycoon 2: All senerios completed. (2 Blocks)
Rainbow Six: All missions completed. (7 Blocks)
Rayman 2: Game completed with all items. (2 Blocks)
Re-Volt: All cars, tracks, and hidden game. (22 Blocks)
Ready 2 Rumble: All boxers and game completed. (2 Blocks)
Resident Evil: CV: Saved at boss with all items. (9 Blocks)
Resident Evil: CV: Completed battle game. (2 Blocks)
Rippin' Riders: All characters, boards, and tracks. (4 Blocks)
Roadsters: Saved at start of second season. (15 Blocks)
Samba De Amigo: All songs and stages available. (6 Blocks)
San Francisco Rush 2049: All cars, tracks, and coins. (6 Blocks)
Seaman: Extra food for Seaman. (2 Blocks)
Sega Bass Fishing: All lures and areas. (50 Blocks)
Sega GT: All cars in garage and $99,999,999. (42 Blocks)
Sega Marine Fishing: 156 items and all areas. (4 Blocks)
Sega Rally 2: 10 year finished with all cars. (61 Blocks)
Seventh Cross Evolution: Saved before boss. (172 Blocks)
Shadow Man: All secrets unlocked. (36 Blocks)
Shenmue: All moves, collection, Saturn games, and cash. (80 Blocks)
Silent Scope: Game completed and secrets unlocked. (20 Blocks)
Silver: Saved before final boss with all items. (17 Blocks)
Skies Of Arcadia: Weapon elements and Pinta found. (27 Blocks)
Slave Zero: Saved before final boss with invincibility. (2 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: All 130 emblems and Super Sonic. (10 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: Best of Chao. (28 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: Christmas modification. (55 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: Millennium modification. (62 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: Random voices modification. (2 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: Tremble Park modification. (53 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure: USA party modification. (40 Blocks)
Sonic Adventure 2: All secrets unlocked. (25 Blocks)
Soul Calibur: Game completed with all secrets. (9 Blocks)
Soul Fighter: Saved at begining of final level. (5 Blocks)
South Park Rally: All secrets unlocked. (4 Blocks)
Space Channel 5: All profiles, extra ver, Ulala on fire. (5 Blocks)
Spawn: In the Demon's Hand: All secrets unlocked. (2 Blocks)
Speed Devils: All classes, cars, and maximum money. (18 Blocks)
Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles: All secrets. (16 Blocks)
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer: All secrets unlocked. (4 Blocks)
Street Fighter III: Double Impact: All characters unlocked. (4 Blocks)
Street Fighter III: Third Strike: All secrets unlocked. (3 Blocks)
Street Fighter Alpha 3: All secrets unlocked. (24 Blocks)
Super Magnetic Neo: Game completed. (3 Blocks)
Susuki Alstare Extreme Racing: All secrets unlocked. (16 Blocks)
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage: Game completed. (6 Blocks)
Sydney 2000: Qualified for all events. (65 Blocks)
Tech Romancer: All secrets unlocked. (3 Blocks)
Tee-Off: Game completed with all secrets. (12 Blocks)
Test Drive 6: All cars, tracks, and max cash. (17 Blocks)
Test Drive V-Rally: Most cars and all tracks. (7 Blocks)
Time Stalkers: All characters, items, and max cash. (16 Blocks)
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat: Game completed. (9 Blocks)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: All cars unlocked with $8,000,000. (15 Blocks)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2: All highways, cars, and cash. (40 Blocks)
Tomb Raider: Chronicles: Game completed. (11 Blocks)
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation: Game completed. (33 Blocks)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: All tapes and characters. (3 Blocks)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2: All secrets unlocked. (17 Blocks)
Toy Commander: Game completed with all secrets. (2 Blocks)
Toy Story 2: Saved at start of level 11. (15 Blocks)
Trickstyle: All characters and secrets available. (5 Blocks)
Ultimate Fighting Championship: Everything earned. (9 Blocks)
Unreal Tournament: Game beaten on inhuman. (8 Blocks)
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense: Everything unlocked. (4 Blocks)
Virtua Fighter 3tb: Completed with special ending. (12 Blocks)
Virtua Striker 2: All teams available. (12 Blocks)
Virtua Tennis: Game completed and earned all extras. (2 Blocks)
Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram: All characters, new ver. (4 Blocks)
Wacky Races: Game completed with all secrets. (4 Blocks)
Wetrix+: New pieces and floors. (4 Blocks)
Wild Metal: Game completed and secrets unlocked. (14 Blocks)
World Series Baseball 2K1: Infinite creation points. (120 Blocks)
World Series Baseball 2K1: Updated rosters 10/10/00. (120 Blocks)
Worms Armageddon: All secrets unlocked. (33 Blocks)
WWF Attitude: Career finished and all wrestlers. (3 Blocks)
WWF Royal Rumble: All secret wrestlers. (3 Blocks)
Zombie Revenge: Free play and red blood option. (4 Blocks)

2001 SEGA Dreamworld