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These music files can be downloaded to your Dreamcast using the Planetweb Browser 2.0+. To request a certain music file, e-mail me at


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Jet Grind Radio
Dragula.mp3 (Full Version)
Girls.mp3 (Full Version)
Hit List.mp3 (Full Version)
Improvise.mp3 (Full Version)
Improvise Instrumental.mp3 (Full Version)
Just Got Wicked.mp3 (Full Version)
Patrol Knob.mp3 (Full Version)
Set It Off.mp3 (Full Version)
Slow.mp3 (Full Version)
What Lurks On Channel X.mp3 (Full Version)
Humming The Bassline.mp3
Let Mom Sleep.mp3
Bout The City.mp3
Electric Tooth Brush.mp3
Everybody Jump Around.mp3
Funky Radio.mp3
Grace and Glory.mp3
Magical Girl.mp3
Miller Ball Breakers.mp3
Mischievous Boy.mp3
Moodys Shuffle.mp3
O.K. House.mp3
On The Bowl.mp3
Rock It On.mp3
Super Brothers.mp3
Sweet Soul Brother.mp3
That's Enough.mp3
Upset Attack.mp3
Yappie Feeling.mp3
Yellow Beam.mp3

Cheer 1.wav (867KB)
Cheer 2.wav (1.1MB)
Cheer 3.wav (703KB)
Dunk 1.wav (42KB)
Dunk 2.wav (64KB)
Dunk 3.wav (48KB)
Fall.wav (37KB)
Grunt 1.wav (31KB)
Grunt 2.wav (29KB)
Grunt 3.wav (33KB)
Horn.wav (75KB)
Net 1.wav (18KB)
Net 2.wav (17KB)
Net 3.wav (25KB)
Shot Clock.wav (46KB)
Squeak 1.wav (22KB)
Squeak 2.wav (25KB)
Whistle.wav (40KB)

Dan Stevens and Peter O'Keefe Outtakes
All His Lines.wav (99KB)
Bangers.wav (75KB)
Bathroom.wav (278KB)
Big Laugh.wav (280KB)
Buffet Line.wav (305KB)
Cannot Coach.wav (68KB)
Can't Coach.wav (116KB)
Downwind.wav (254KB)
Dumb and Short.wav (112KB)
Dumb Laugh.wav (100KB)
Great Team.wav (307KB)
Longest desk.wav (907KB)
Paid by the Word.wav (230KB)
Hot Dog.wav (260KB)
Smells Like Cheese.wav (120KB)
Thing of Beauty.wav (499KB)
Turtleneck.wav (385KB)
Whatever.wav (222KB)
What's His Name.wav (204KB)
Whoops.wav (149KB)
Player Taunts
Aww Yeah.wav (147KB)
Bring It On.wav (113KB)
Chump.wav (89KB)
Hostile.wav (99KB)
Little Man.wav (116KB)
Nail In Coffin.wav (83KB)
Not Ugly.wav (83KB)
Real Man.wav (107KB)
Too Good.wav (133KB)
Yeah Baby.wav (74KB)
Crowd Sounds
Beatbox.wav (207KB)
Boo.wav (128KB)
Bust It Loose.wav (174KB)
Fire It Up.wav (178KB)
Horn.wav (96KB)
Mean It.wav (103KB)
Whistle.wav (98KB)
Yeah.wav (134KB)

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