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Here you will find the game of the week, the most wanted game, and reviews. I review games and peripherals on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). If you want to suggest a game of the week or most wanted, e-mail me at


Alien Front Online is a lot like Quake III Arena, only with slow moving tanks and alien crafts. It's all about the army vs. the aliens. The online mode is works very well but could have had more depth. The best thing about this game is the ability to have real-time voice chat. Alien Front Online includes a microphone and a modified version of Dreamcall so that you can actually talk to your team while in battle. Alien Front online is great, but it could have been better. (7)


Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2


4x4 Evolution: High performance SUV racing with online action. (7)
Alien Front Online: The perfect online deathmatch game. (7)
ChuChu Rocket: It has many modes and online play. (9)
Crazy Taxi: The replay value is not very high. (8)
Crazy Taxi 2: Superb sequel with great improvements. (9)
Dead or Alive 2: The graphics and women are amazing. (10)
Ecco The Dolphin: DOTF: It's beautiful and difficult. (7)
Evolution: Has very simplified dungeons and is very easy. (7)
Evolutin 2: Improved in every way, but it's still not great. (6)
F355 Challenge: Best graphics ever, but it's extremely hard. (8)
House of the Dead 2: It's a perfect arcade conversion. (9)
Jet Grind Radio: Great characters, graphics, and music. (10)
KOF Dream Match '99: The graphics are extremely outdated. (7)
Marvel vs Capcom 2: A fast and flashy fighter. (9)
MDK2: A gorgeous game with humor and replay value. (10)
NBA 2K: Graphicly amazing and very fun with lots of extras. (9)
NFL 2K: It's equal in greatness to the Madden series. (9)
NFL 2K1: Fantastic graphics and online miltiplayer mayhem. (10)
Phantasy Star Online: Perfect online play and graphics. (10)
Planetweb Browser 2.0: It plays .mp3's, but is a little slow. (8)
Quake III Arena: Great online features and gory graphics. (10)
Resident Evil: CV: Graphics, sound, and horror feel are great. (10)
Seaman: Talking to Seaman is a blast if you can stand him. (7)
Sega GT: Tons of cars and tracks make this game a winner. (9)
Sega Rally 2: It is very hard and has a crummy frame rate. (9)
Shenmue: Great graphics, gameplay, and tons of dialogue. (9)
Slave Zezo: The frame rate is low and level design sucks. (2)
Sonic Adventure: A solid adventure game for the DC. (9)
Sonic Adventure 2: Improvements make Sonic spectacular. (10)
Soul Calibur: This game has everything you could ask for. (10)
Soul Reaver: LOK: Fun and difficult with crappy graphics. (6)
Space Channel 5: It's innovative, fun, and groovy. (8)
Street Fighter 3: Double Impact: There are not many fighters. (7)
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike: Chun-Li and options are great. (8)
Street Fighter Alpha 3: Lots of replay and many fighters. (9)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer: It looks good, but the control is floaty. (8)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2: Great graphics and original gameplay. (10)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: The graphics could be better. (9)
Tomb Raider 4: The puzzles in the game are way too hard. (3)
Virtual-On: OT: Just as fast and fun as the arcade game. (7)


AgeTec Arcade Stick: The only way to play fighting games. (10)
Bleem! for GT2: Delivers all that it promises. (10)
GameShark CDX: Useless, but it lets you play import games. (8)
MAD CATZ Dream Cable: Now you can sit on the couch. (10)
MAD CATZ S-Video Cable: Get the best picture a TV offers. (10)
NEXUS 4MB Memory Card: The best tool for hacking saves. (10)
NYKO Hyper Pack: 4x memory card and rumble pack in one. (9)
SEGA Jump Pack: Very rumbly, sturdy, and great. (10)
SEGA Keyboard: The greatest peripheral for DC web surfing. (10)
SEGA Mouse: Point and click action for the web or shooters. (10)
SEGA VMU: Plays mini games and lets you save your game. (10)
StarFire Lightblaster: It looks cool and shoots accurately. (9)

2001 SEGA Dreamworld