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Below are instructions for saving graffiti to a VMU for use in Jet Grind Radio. If you have further questions or would like to submit your own graffiti, e-mail me at


Saving graffiti to a VMU for use in Jet Grind Radio has several steps:

1. Place your Jet Grind Radio game disc in your Dreamcast and press the power button.
2. Load your saved Jet Grind Radio game file as usual.
3. Select the INTERNET mode and connect to the net so you are at the Jet Grind Radio web site.
4. Once you are at the Jet Grind Radio web site, select the LINKS section.
5. Once you are in the LINKS section you should see a URL box. Select the box and type and press GO. This will take you to the SEGA Dreamworld web site.
6. Once you are at SEGA Dreamworld, select the VMU section. Then select the JET GRIND RADIO GRAFFITI section.
7. Select a graffiti size you would like, SMALL, LARGE, or XTRA LARGE.
8. Once you select a size you will see pictures of all the graffiti available in that size.
9. To save graffiti to your VMU, place the cursor over the graffiti you would like to save and press the X and A buttons at the same time.
10. You will then be asked if you would like to save the image, select YES.
11. Then select the VMU you would like the graffiti to be saved to. Your VMU must have enough free blocks of memory for the graffiti to be saved. The larger the graffiti, the more blocks of memory it takes to save.
12. Now disconnect from the net and return to the game, Jet Grind Radio.
13. Load your saved game file and select the GRAFFITI mode. Now choose to SELECT graffiti. This section is where you usually select graffiti from all the Graffiti Soul's that you have collected.
14. Select the size of the graffiti that you saved to your VMU.
15. You should then see a button that says DL. Click on the DL button and the graffiti that is saved to your VMU will be loaded.

Congratulations! You will now be able to spray this graffiti in the main game. Remember that you can save as much graffiti to your VMU as you want as long as you have enough free blocks of memory. Enjoy!

2001 SEGA Dreamworld