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SEGA DreamworldSEGA

Mini games can be downloaded to your VMU using your Dreamcast. They are played on your VMU. If you would like to submit a mini game, attach it to an e-mail using the Planetweb Browser 2.0+ and send it to me at


Alien Shooter: Blast those aliens back to Uranus.
Dragon Ball Z: A fun little RPG for DBZ fans.
Kill Hyman: Your mission is to kill Hyman.
Lightsabre Battle: Battle your opponent with a lightsabre.
Neko 2.2: Take total control of Neko the cat.
Simon: Remember the pattern and repeat it to win.
Slide Puzzle: Slide the tiles into the right order to win.
Star Wars: Battle enemies from your X-Wing.
Supercross VMU: Manuever you cycle past the obstacles.
Tiny Tetris: A perfect conversion of Tetris.
VMU Fighter: Battle your opponent in a fight to the death.
VMU Racer: Race down the dangerous streets to victory.

2001 SEGA Dreamworld